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The Agile 2010 Business Theme

Happy Holidays and welcome to the Agile 2010 Business Theme! This post provides our initial thoughts on the business theme and invites you to get involved as a stage sponsor, a submission reviewer, a presenter, or simply an interested conference participant. I’m Lowell Lindstrom and will be guiding the Business Theme as part of the program committee.

Agile approaches redefine the relationship between business people that need capability from their technology and the teams that provide that capability. Customer Collaboration, Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer, Business people and developers must work together are all parts of the Agile Manifesto.

We’re very excited to build on past stages that have focused on the business practices and implications of using Agile. In 2010, we expand the depth and breadth in this area. Business problems are solved in very different ways across industries and companies. It is difficult to establish common patterns that apply universally across difference organizations. The stages of our business theme will continue to explore these patterns.

The Business Theme will explore:
– how business participants of an agile project interact with the teams that create the products and services of the organization
– how agile changes the way the business identifies value and makes selections about products and features?
– how agile changes the relationship between your business and your customers, partners, and even competitors?

Our view of the business theme is focused on 5 areas and these will likely be our stages. The descriptions include some of the questions we hope are answered by the sessions:

1. Agile Product Management
As with many disciplines, agile techniques leverage our best practices, adapting them with short, empirical feedback loops. This track presents and explores: What best practices in product management are leveraged by agile teams? How have product management practices been adapted for agile? What new product management techniques have emerged from agile teams?

2. Expressing User Needs
Requirements frequently makes the top ten list of challenges that teams encounter. The agile community leverages stories as a robust way for communicating user needs to development teams. But we must know the story. How do we know what the users need? How do we capture it and communicate it?

3. Agile Project Management
Perhaps no topic generates more discussion and controversy at the moment than Agile Project Management. Is the community converging or diverging in this area? What impact do the various certifying organizations play in defining what APM is and should be? Isn’t it all about Leadership anyway?

4. Enterprise Improvement
Businesses always are trying to improve the way they work through better alignment to customers, improved efficiency, and faster time to market. An enterprise focus on agile enables a number of different approaches to improving business performance. Using Agile, Scrum, Lean, even CMMi in concert with agile are all proving to be effective mechanisms for business improvement.

5. Agile Business Transformation
Businesses of any size can transform their performance using agile techniques. Whether your goal is increment improvement or step function accelerated improvement, agile can provide that. In what ways has agile transformed businesses and how they operate, not just how they do projects or develop products? How have other groups leveraged the use of agile to improve sales, service, operations, accounting, and HR? How is the impact of agile measured?

We hope you will get involved in some way. Please contact me at bizprogram2010@agilealliance.org to get involved and with thoughts on the business theme.

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  1. January 4, 2010 at 19:47

    ISO 15288 Life Cycle processes for system development should be represented.

  2. January 11, 2010 at 20:50

    I can’t wait for the speaker submission system to open. It looks like a great year! Lean is a theme I am hearing over and over. I can’t wait to see what is on the docket.

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