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Agile 2010 Program – 3 Collaborating Communities

The Agile 2010 Program will be organized around three collaborating communities: Technical, Business, and Leadership & Organization.

At the end of the day, you have to deliver. The Technical portion of the program focuses on topics and activities that help agile team members deliver value through the things that they create. Be it programmers, testers, designers, and others who build software, this community will provide participants a range of sessions on how to do this better.

Stakeholders are constantly demanding more, faster and at less cost. The Business portion of the programs focuses on topics that help those who leverage the capabilities of agile teams to make their organizations thrive. Product Managers, Analysts, Business Partner and others business leaders can rapidly deliver new valuable products and solution to their stakeholders using agile. This community will present and explore practices and approaches to understand what’s valuable and how to interact with agile teams to make visions come into reality.

Let’s face it, agile is not easy, whether you are just starting or even when you are good at it. The Leadership & Organization portion of the program focuses on leaderships topics that are essential to continually thrive in the presence of complexity and change. Whether you are leading as part of the agile team, with stakeholders, or leading cultural change across an organization, this community will provide a range of sessions, challenging your view of work while providing tools and practices to more effectively lead to better results.

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